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Joseph Beuys (Krefeld, 1921 - Düsseldorf, 1986) was indeed a shamanic artist, but a shaman in a modern sense. Interested from the beginning in Goethe's universal spirit, like Leonardo Da Vinci, he sought to achieve a perfect synthesis between art and science. Among the myths and essential references to his poetics, it is impossible not to mention the importance that anthroposophy by Rudolf Steiner had in Joseph Beuys' formative path. From this arises the awareness that every person possesses magnificent but dormant faculties within themselves, and if awakened, they would allow them to become aware of other and higher worlds. Every person is an artist, or rather, has the potential to be one and to develop their creativity to the fullest in any context.


Joseph Beuys - Navid Azimi Sajadi

Joseph Beuys, Untitled (from 3 Tonnen-Edition), 1973, 46x45.5 cm, front and back screen pr


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