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Vettor Pisani, installation view at Studio la Linea Verticale, Terreno-Ultra-Terreno Exhib

Vettor Pisani (1934-2011), the "poor and famous artist," as he defined himself with an inscription on the wall of the Limen Gallery in 2011, needs no introduction; he already inhabits his celestial Crystal Theater. Undoubtedly one of the most emblematic, cultured, and enigmatic artists on the Italian contemporary art scene. An intimate friend of Gino De Dominicis and Carmelo Bene, along with his wife, poet and performer Mimma Pisani, the artist focuses his research on universal and timeless themes (life, death, and the destiny of art), tempering the anguish that afflicts man with a very personal melancholic irony permeated with oxymorons like poetry and sarcasm, metamorphosis and sadism, vertigo and phobia, philosophy and utopian fervor. The images of the unconscious become a reality to interpret in all its enigmas.


Navid Azimi Sajadi-Vettor Pisani

Vettor Pisani, Piramide Cestia, s.d., installazione, 300x50x30 cm, Studio la Linea Vertica


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