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Link room project space di Studio la Linea Verticale Arte Contemporanea di Bologna, mostre d'arte parallele a quelle della galleria






Link Room - Office Project Space is a project that utilizes office space to create a dynamic and ever-changing environment. It is a small project space designed to engage with the ongoing exhibitions that, from time to time, animate the gallery spaces. A link, as the name suggests, capable of always offering a different interpretative key. Link Room - Office Project Space uses office spaces, adapted each time, to provide a corresponding, albeit altered, interpretation of the ongoing exhibition. It is born with the aim of deepening the understanding of artists operating in Bologna, whose production, or part of it, may align with the gallery's research and engage directly with the exhibitions filling the venue spaces. The research does not only focus on local artists but aims to expand to national and international artists who can engage with the project.

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