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Alberto Colliva

Francesca Dondoglio

Vale Palmi

Navid Azimi Sajadi

Claudio Valerio


Studio la Linea Verticale


Cooperativa Etica Oqudany


Sacresty - Montevergini Church - Noto (SR)




From July 22nd to August 27th, Studio la Linea Verticale will be hosted in Sicily. The Ethical Cooperative Oqdany will welcome the gallery as a stop on the itinerary of the Museum Diffuso in the historic center of Noto (SR). The temporary space will unfold within the evocative setting of the Church of Montevergini, where in the Sacristy and adjoining rooms, we will present five artists exhibited in our venue in Bologna in this first year of activity.


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The exhibition presented by Studio la Linea Verticale gallery for the spaces related to the Sacristy and adjoining rooms of Montevergini Church, stems from the idea of paying homage to a great Sicilian singer-songwriter, Franco Battiato, through a reinterpretation of the lyrics of the song Segnali di vita (1981) and through the artworks of contemporary artists who collaborate with the gallery. "A sincere and honest spiritual seeker, an artist who had made the search for the divine a life purpose." This was how Father Guidalberto Bormolini expressed himself on Vatican Radio when speaking of his recently deceased friend Franco Battiato. Words that inspire the exhibition itinerary and become the necessary key to the rereading of the musical text and the five stanzas, refrain included, that compose it. ​Spirituality becomes, therefore, the starting point of the exhibition, with five artists engaging with it in different manners. ​Francesca Dondoglio relies on the symbolism of color and its perception by our inner eye to investigate that subtle boundary between earthly life (red) and the otherworldly (blue). Time changes many things in life | Meaning, friendships, opinions | What a will to change there is in me. Time stops and the boundary blurs into the union of the parts, generating a constant need for change and a fluid transition between states of being: between body and spirit, high and low, life and death. ​An Übermensch, an evolution of tomorrow's consciousness, emerges from Vale Palmi's vermilion layers. Extroverted in immateriality, he is a kind of Übermensch who, unlike the Nietzschean one, is made purely of energy. One feels the need for inner evolution | Released from the common rules | From this false personality. Evolution that only the development of consciousness can bring to full fruition. Abandoning the carnality of the body, the artist, with his swirling sign, releases the image of the soul. ​Claudio Valerio, gets lost in the dark landscapes of his canvases, seeks the affection of a presence in total absence, touches tips of iridescent lucidity. Signs of life in courtyards And houses in the twilight | Lights bring to mind | Celestial mechanics. Sparks of possible presences, extraterrestrial lives, signs of hope emerge from the dark shapes given by the density of coal. Dark matter merges with light to capture the many combinations of possible worlds responding to the mechanics of infinity. ​To question sacred territories and build a bridge, a proverbial metaphor for the conjunction of different units, between the pluralities of creation, is Navid Azimi Sajadi's research purpose. Noises that make a background for the stars | Cosmic space is growing larger | And galaxies are receding. History as much as mythology, religion as much as esotericism, personal experience as much as social events, metaphors for galaxies as close together as ever and as much as ever in constant, slow expansion, converge in his works. ​With Alberto Colliva's oils on canvas we come to the last stanza, the one that emphasizes the difficulty imposed by earthly life which, interfering through physical needs, distracts the spirit from high thoughts. You notice how low my mind flies / It's the fault of associative thoughts / If I can't be here now. But the artist seems to have organized himself into a pictorial exercise to activate attention. Through repeated effort in the self- portrait and in the representation of his own head, he manages to maintain presence by defeating entropy and thus achieving a divine physiognomy.



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Alberto Colliva (Castel d'Argile, 1943 - Bologna, 2023). His career began in the mid-1960s, but it was from the 1980s that he introduced a substantially new element into his canvases: the human figure. In the artist's pictorial world, violent lights connected to refined, scornful and intimist chromatics dominate. His painting brings Hell and Heaven, demonic and divine, fear and courage closer together.

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Francesca Dondoglio (Donato, 1990) explores the relationship between colors and forms, giving life to a layered art that expresses interiority through a philosophical-poetic tradition, restoring archetypal, existential and emotional imagery in vivid two-tone paintings that directly touch the most intimate chords of the human being. She lives and works in Turin.


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Vale Palmi (Bologna, 1994) trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Her research is an ascending path that starts from meditato mortis to arrive, through careful ontological investigation, to conceive a type of drawing that expresses the nature of energy. His subjects, divided between matter and spirit, extrovert to other dimensions of being. She lives and works in Bologna, Italy


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Navid Azimi Sajadi (Tehran, 1982) graduated in painting from the Faculty of Architecture at Azad University in Tehran and the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Reflecting on his personal experience between the two cultures, Western and Middle Eastern, ancient and contemporary, he manipulates cultural codes to create dual images with symbolic forms. He lives and works between Rome and the rest of the world.


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Claudio Valerio (Popoli, 1991) trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in L'Aquila and Bologna. His artistic research pays particular attention to painting, seen as the possibility of capturing the nascent image, the one that can emerge from the amorphous condition of substances. The artist seeks to break down the distinction between physicality and appearance in order to construct a real imaginary. He lives and works in Bologna.



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Montevergini Church
​​Via Cavour 46

Noto (SR)


22.07 - 27.08.2023


Mon - Sat: 10am - 8pm
​​Mornings: b
y appointment
​Sunday: by appointment

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