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Navid Azimi Sajadi - Segnali di vita

Noises that make a background for the stars

Cosmic space is growing larger And galaxies are receding.

[Franco Battiato, Signs of Life]

Navid Azimi Sajadi (Tehran, 1982). His work reflects personal experience between the two cultures, Western and Middle Eastern, ancient and contemporary. Cross-cultural codes are manipulated to create images whose forms, linked to memories, create a metaphorical environment in which viewers can connect a wide range of meanings, markers of time and space. A visual glimpse, a crossroads where history and myth meet. Persian esoteric literature, religious and mythological references, from the ancient world to our contemporary society, have created the symbolic space within which Navid's work flows: the historical juxtaposition of temporal/political power and spiritual power manifests itself in the works as a state of contradiction and gives rise to an exhibition of ambivalence.



THE BRIDGE PROJECT - THE ORIGINS MACRO - Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome 13-30 november 2018 | Ambient #1 MACRO ASILO

The series called The Bridge was born in 2018 inside the MACRO of Rome, after the participation of Navid Azimi Sajadi to the artist's studios offered form the museum, finalized to the setting of a room, Ambient #1, with the artworks produced during the residency period.

Inspiring himself to the Isfahan's Allahverdi Khan Bridge, popularly known as Si-o-Se-Pol (lit. "the bridge of thirty-three"), consists of two superimposed rows of 33 arches. Navid Azimi Sajadi invites the viewer, at least metaphorically, to a similar walk across. The 16 drawings realized for an in progress project aimed to widen until the reaching of 33 arches that reflect on the concept of ambivalence that is grounded in the artist's practice. Through his studies on mythology, cultural history and biblical literature, Sajadi's ambivalence doesn't merely reflect a psychological state of being, but aims to be an aggregation of all possible states. Thus depriving us of any clue, the bridges configures as dimensional thresholds that conduct to a beyond without space and time, where ancient cults and the emblems of contemporarily, eastern and western imaginary, melts togheter in new semantic possibilities.



1. The Bridge, 2018, mixed media on Fabriano paper, 100x70 cm.

2. The Bridge, 2018, mixed media on Fabriano paper,100x70 cm

3. The Bridge, 2018, mixed media on Fabriano paper,100x70 cm

4. Untitled, 2019, sgraffito under glaze on terracotta, 25x25 cm.

5. Sigillum, 2019, sgraffito under glaze on terracotta, 26x17cm

6. Untitled, 2019, sgraffito under glaze on terracotta, 25x25 cm.

7. Untitled, 2019, sgraffito under glaze on terracotta, 25x25 cm.

8. Untitled, 2021, sgraffito under glaze on ceramica, 30x30x20 cm.

9. Untitled, 2021, sgraffito under glaze on ceramica, 36x20 cm diametro.





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ArtVerona 2023 | in programming


Segnali di Vita - Liberamente ispirata alla spiritualità di Franco Battiato, è la mostra che dal 22 Luglio al 27 Agosto Studio la Linea Verticale presenta in Sicilia. La Cooperativa Etica Oqdany accoglierà la galleria come tappa dell’itinerario del Museo Diffuso del centro storico di Noto (SR). Il temporary space si svilupperà all’interno del suggestivo scenario della Chiesa di Montevergini, dove nella Sacrestia e sale ad essa attigue presentiamo cinque artisti esposti nella nostra sede di Bologna in questo primo anno di attività, ovvero Alberto Colliva, Francesca Dondoglio, Vale Palmi, Navid Azimi Sajadi e Claudio Valerio.

La mostra nasce dall’idea di omaggiare un grande cantautore siciliano, Franco Battiato, che ha dedicato la vita e l'arte al lavoro sulla propria coscienza e al quale la galleria deve il suo nome: La linea orizzontale ci spinge verso la materia, quella verticale verso lo spirito (Inneres Auge, 2009). More...

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