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Orlando Strati - Biographical Notes from the exhibition 'Tendente Infinito' - Bologna

Here are the biographical notes of Orlando Strati. From November 18, 'Tendente Infinito,' Lucio Saffaro - Orlando Strati - Monica Mazzone, curated by Tatiana Basso, is on display at our Gallery in Bologna. The exhibition is accompanied by the catalog published by Pendragon with texts by Tatiana Basso, Bruno D'Amore, Carlotta Minarelli, and Gisella Vismara, created with the support and collaboration of the Association Controcorrente, the Lucio Saffaro Foundation, and CSC - National Cinema Business Archive. More...


Orlando Strati (Rome 1949) graduated in Sociology from the University of Trento in 1981 with the thesis 'Photography as Reflection: Historical-Social Use and Critical-Artistic Use.' In 1970, he began experimental artistic research in visual communication, exhibiting in Italy and abroad. In 1980, with the staging of shows and performances involving magnetic tape, music, and multimedia images at the Teatro del Falcone in Genoa and GNAM in Rome, he suspended this phase, documented in 'Forme' No. 64; 'Les arts' No. 4; 'Gala International' No. 77; 'Maison Vogue' No. 57; 'Ammeublement des intérieurs' No. 263. Notable authors such as Umbro Apollonio, Bruno D'Amore, and Bruno Munari have written about his work.

Becoming a professional photographer, he conducts research on industrial archaeology between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna, collaborates with Professors A. Emiliani and L. Gambi of the IBC of the Emilia-Romagna Region, and publishes historical-critical essays and articles on ceramic craftsmanship, also in its relationship with architecture. He is involved in the photographic survey of the studied sites. Between the end of one decade and the beginning of the next, he becomes a professor of Sociology of Tourism - Economics and Business Organization and works in the Viareggio area, conducting historical and sociological research on the themes of transformation and preservation of cultural and environmental heritage, with particular attention to photography as an auxiliary function of technical cartography and a method of socio-cultural investigation in psychiatric contexts and in the modernization processes of rural areas.

From 2006 to 2011, he pursued a Ph.D. at the University of Genoa in Historical Geography for the Enhancement of Historical-Environmental Heritage, with a thesis titled 'Maps for the Perception of the Historical Landscape in Alta Versilia.' He published his research in sector journals and organized the conference 'Towards an Apuan Landscape Observatory' (with speakers M. Quaini, A. Magnaghi, and R. Gambino), presenting the results of research in historical archives and on the territory through georeferenced photographs taken in Alta Versilia and the publication of the volume 'Guide for an Apuan Landscape Observatory.' Between 2009 and 2011, together with Prof. C. Gemignani and in collaboration with the Universities of Florence, Genoa, Parma, and Verona, he drafted the editorial project for a series of five monographs to be developed on documentary research, field surveys, and a rich cartographic and photographic apparatus, both historical and current.

In 2012, for the Military Geographic Institute, he published the essay on methodological notes 'Repeated Photography as a Guide for Building a Landscape Observatory.' The mentioned research has been published by various publishers, including Clueb, Pacini, Dedalus, Electa, Katà, Uniedit.

In 2020, he resumed artistic research, and in 2022, he exhibited at the University Museum System of the University of Ferrara, where he gave a lecture on models of world representation from presocratic thought to quantum mechanics.



Lucio Saffaro - Orlando Strati - Monica Mazzone

Curated byTatiana Basso


Texts by

Tatiana Basso

Bruno D'Amore

Carlotta Minarelli

Gisella Vismara


Associazione Controcorrente

Fondazione Lucio Saffaro

CSC - Archivio Nazionale Cinema Impresa




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Orlando Strati - Biographical Notes from the exhibition 'Tendente Infinito' - Bologna


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