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Francesca Dondoglio - Signs of life

Time changes many things in life

Meaning, friendships, opinions

What a will to change there is in me.

[Franco Battiato, Signs of Life]

Francesca Dondoglio (Donato, 1990) relies on the symbolism of color and its perception by our inner eye to investigate that subtle boundary between earthly life (red) and the otherworldly (blue).

The concept of the threshold, which has animated spiritual philosophical thought since its dawn, is the basis of the artist's research, investigated through color. The threshold, in fact, represents that paradoxical place that, at the same time, unites and divides; a boundary, a point of encounter and passage between being and nonbeing, presence and absence, transcendence and the sensible world.

The extremely subtle vertical and horizontal slashes that arise naturally at the meeting of Francesca Dondoglio's carmine dawn and sapphire sunset are sublime thresholds to other high immaterial worlds, true distant horizons of ambivalent passages. The Turin artist's binary code is the exact opposite of the computer code; far from technology it concerns the colors of greatest impact on the Soul. Blue and Red as High and Low, Black and White, Life and Death, are inseparable siblings. Rudolf Steiner states in one of his lectures: Light, seen through darkness, is red. (...) Darkness, seen through light, is blue. When united, these two primary colors constitute magenta, a symbolic hue of the coniunctio oppositorum. Thus, in her incredibly saturated pastel bichromes, Francesca demonstrates a balance close to Eastern wisdom.




1. Untitled (Via di mezzo series), 2023, 79x60cm, acrylic and pastel on paper mounted on board.

2. Untitled (Autobiography of Red series), 2021, 61x46cm, acrylic and pastel on paper mounted on board.

3. Untitled (Autobiography of the Red series), 2021, 61x46cm, acrylic and pastel on paper.

4. Untitled (Autobiography of the Red series), 2023, 113x86cm, acrylic and pastel on paper mounted on board.





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